Singing Lessons in Brighton

Singing Lessons in Brighton & Hove by Stephanie Brown

Singing Lessons in Brighton & Hove by professional vocal coach and Choir MD for The Good Vibe Choir, Stephanie Brown. Brighton based singing teacher and vocal coach, Steph teaches all ages and abilities to sing with confidence. Steph has over 15 years experience as a vocalist, pianist and performer.

Can I really learn to sing?

Absolutely. One of the great myths that prevents individuals from developing their voice is the notion that having a good voice is a ’natural talent’. Like any skill there will be some people who have certain natural advantages that make it easier for them to begin, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us are without hope! Like any skill it requires exercise, learning technique, and dedication to practice. I was certainly not a natural singer (my family will play testimony to that!) but I had the advantage of passion, commitment and drive to improve my voice.

Will training prevent me from developing my own individual vocal style?

With a good vocal coach this certainly would not be the case. A good vocal tutor will know the elements that make up your individual style and will help you to develop these and guide you to your own personal vocal goals. Every time I get a new student I ask them what types of music they’d like to sing, what vocalists they admire and what they want to gain from each lesson. If a student doesn’t know the answers to these questions I try to help them find out what they want. Good vocal training is not about shaping the vocalist but about freeing the voice.

But I’m too shy…

Most people are extremely shy about their voice when they first start singing and it’s the biggest barrier that they have to overcome when wanting to develop their voice! It’s an incredibly exposing activity where the instrument you play is not an extension of yourself – it is yourself! But this is also why it is so incredibly rewarding. Developing singing technique is not just a focus on your voice but also a learning project on yourself. It requires looking at your confidence, your awareness, your posture, your approach, you’re breathing, your body habits – and this is a difficult and daunting thing to do! Having been through this stage myself I am sensitive to nervous students. I have ways of easing the student into this stage with patience and no judgement whatsoever.

Can you teach me using my own original material?

Certainly! Although I encourage also working on a chosen song in order to learn from the vocalists you admire, it doesn’t mean we can’t throw the lessons focus on your own material. With 15 years of song writing experience I can help you with whatever vocal aspect, in your song you feel you need guidance on – whether it’s tone, diction, lyrics, structure or vocal melody.